01 April 2013

Moving from NZ to Saudi Arabia

My family of six have made the big move to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. From our humble abode in Otara, South Auckland to our huge house in KAUST (King Abdullah University of Science and Technology). While there are striking contrasts in culture, land, food and people. I am mostly excited about the opportunity to work in an International School, teaching alongside motivated and outgoing people from around the world. It takes a certain type of somebody to pack up house and move your family to the other side of the world. We're those type of people. And on the day that marks our 1st Month - we are very glad we made the decision.

What motivated us to move?
My husband and I have taught in South Auckland for most of our careers. While we absolutely loved our work, we craved time and solace with our own four children. In New Zealand - we felt like we were doing mountains of "paperwork" and not enough "teaching". We led very hectic lives and invested so much of our heart and soul into our work. While this may be admirable - we wanted more time with our own children and be a part of raising them. For some time now, I have always reflected on the mantra "you don't know what you don't know". There's no denying that my life experiences were limited, while valuable, my South Auckland livelihood was just that - a South Auckland world view, a Maori/Cook Island perspective, a mum to four kids outlook. There is so much beyond our South Auckland gates, so much to learn about the world and the people that reside across the oceans. That was our biggest pull to travel with our children. We wanted them to know that the world is amazing, huge, exciting. We want to ignite the spark that burns the fire in them to be the kind of kids that are "internationally minded". We hope to return some day and be the kind of teachers that share firsthand experiences with the children in South Auckland about how big the world really is. When studying faraway lands we want to say - Yes we've been there. We want to break stereotypes and live.

Here's to the start of our adventure!