19 February 2021

Writing Literature review sections - AUT workshop


What have been the important ideas? 
  • Many definitions/types of listening
  • There is limited literature on listening in education
  • So many aspects - listening, leadership, communication, Cook Island leaders.
What is important to know?
As few researchers have addressed listening as a leadership skill, this theses aims to examine the ways in which listening can improve the leadership practice of Cook Island leaders in New Zealand primary schools.

What is your research topic?
Improving leadership practice through ‘listening’: The perspective of Cook Island leaders in New Zealand primary schools.

What is your research needed, relevant and important?
We understand communication to be an important leadership skill, however, this generally means we believe that leaders must articulate ideas clearly. This research aims to unpack the role of listening as a key communication skill and listen to the perspective of Cook Island leaders.

There was a brilliant resource shared, http://www.phrasebank.manchester.ac.uk/ that I know will be useful for my upcoming writing of my theses chapters.

We need to paraphrase literature in our own words without changing the meaning!

16 February 2021

Getting started with writing - AUT workshop


  • Use a prompt
  • Take 5-7 minutes for the free writing warm-up
  • The pen does not leave paper, fingers do not leave the keyboard
  • Keep asking yourself "What else is there?", "What else is there?" and keep going.
  • Write about your blank and often a thought comes to mind
  • Identify concepts and examples (We wrote about how social media can be used as learning tool in universities in my free-writing I wrote e.g. platforms - instagram, tiktok, facebook and twitter)
  • Listing concepts in free writing
  • Group ideas/concepts