23 February 2010

CORE Education Tours

I had the great pleasure of driving a group of American Educators from STE’s Special Interest Group of Teacher Educators (SIGTE) around Auckland, New Zealand today.

We were privileged to visit both Pt. England School in Glen Innes and Viscount School in Mangere.

Two very different journeys at both of these schools but fabulous efforts all the same. It amazes me how many international educators come to New Zealand (Pt. England School in particular) to hear/see/explore the great things happening when there are schools within driving distance who have yet to hear the wonderful work they are doing.

What touches my heart the most with these schools is the difference they are making for our Maori and Pasifika communities. I have posted my thoughts on Pasifika Education here.

The information presented today was nothing short of amazing. I am inspired to engage in their communities and learn from both their journey's. Check out the CORE Educations Tours Blog here.