04 October 2014

Professional Goals for the Year

It's that time of year again where I think about the direction I want to take as a professional, where I look at areas to develop what I want to focus on.

Last year my goals were to "Develop a deeper understanding of the IB Primary Years Program" and "Use digital technologies to explore the notion of 'international mindedness'". I reflected on this recently and hope to continue with the educational technologies piece this year.

We are a month into the new academic year here at TKS, over the summer break (well winter break as my family and I headed back to NZ) I pondered on the possibilities. Here are my goals for the 2014-2015 academic year.

Professional Goal Number One:
* Explore and engage in research based literacy practices.

Rationale: In my years of experience I have seen many teachers (including myself) default to their own experiences of education or their own 'it looks like good practice' practices in teaching. I want to know what the research says when it comes to literacy education and I want be abreast of the latest research.

Possible Actions
* I've enrolled in a Post Graduate Diploma of Literacy Education with Massey University. I'm excited about studying and am looking forward to the papers on offer (Foundations of Literacy Education, Teaching Writing in the Classroom and The Nature, Prevention and Remediation of Literacy Learning Difficulties).
* Read more texts around Literacy Education (or just read more texts in general).

Professional Goal Number Two:
* Support my K2 team with educational technologies

Rationale: We are a school attached to a Science and Technology University. In all my years as an ICT Facilitator I dreamed of the resources we currently have. I am looking forward to exploring ways that these can be used in meaningful ways in my classroom and beyond.

Possible Actions
* Naketa's Tech Times (dedicate time once a week for Tech Times), drop in session, a just in time learning model.
* Role model and share ICT being used to enhance learning.
* Work with other teachers in K2 then encourage these teachers to support others (ripple effect of learning).

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